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Compassion Without Fatigue

Center for Trauma Informed Innovation at University Health

Does your work entail significant or ongoing stress? Have you ever found yourself feeling completely exhausted as a caregiver or traumatized by another’s pain? We invite you to join us for a practical, interactive, best practice training to support your own resilience.

Anyone who cares for others can experience compassion fatigue. Participants will first review the differences between compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and burnout, including paths to healing. Then, participants will explore a variety of protective practices including mindfulness, intrapersonal boundaries, and tools to intentionally support personal and professional vitality.


  • Participants will delineate secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout
  • Participants will identify ways to intentionally care for themselves before, during, and after stressful situations
  • Participants will identify ways to intentionally care for others without depleting their own energy reserves

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