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How to Keep Caring: Strategic Support for Caregiver Trauma & Fatigue

Three short webinars on burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma.

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Held via Zoom from 1:30 pm – 3 pm on the following dates:

  • Self-Care for Secondary Trauma: July 14
  • Healing Compassion Fatigue: July 28
  • Navigating Burnout: August 11

Registration is free to attend and learn. If you would like a certificate of attendance for CEUs (typically accepted by most credentialing boards), we have reduced the cost to $39/session; to receive the certificate, you must be present for the full session and complete an evaluation at the end. University Health staff and Metropolitan Community College staff may receive a certificate of attendance at no cost to you; please register using your UHKC or MCC email address to verify eligibility.

All sessions will be held on Zoom from 1:30pm - 3 pm Central Time. You may opt to attend the full series or only one or two of the sessions. You must register for each session you will attend. Registration closes 1 hour prior to each session.

More details about each session below:

Self-Care for Secondary Trauma: July 14, 2022

Secondary trauma, an experience of significant stress that impacts your own nervous system when you see or hear about another person’s trauma, is all too common among people who work in helping professions. Unmanaged, it can fuel increasingly difficult experiences, such as vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and wreak havoc on personal and professional health. Join us for an engaging seminar where we will explore together the experience of secondary trauma as well as brain-based practices to help your nervous system release secondary traumatic stress and restore a sense of calm and well-being.

Healing Compassion Fatigue: July 28, 2022

Anyone who cares for others can experience compassion fatigue. Join us for a review of key differences between compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, moral injury, and burnout, including paths to healing, and then we will explore several brain-based, protective tools and activities drawn from modern research, ancient wisdom, and innovative practices to support your personal and professional resilience that you may cultivate well-being and compassion satisfaction.

Navigating Burnout: August 11, 2022

Burnout, though felt most intensely as individual suffering, is actually bigger than one person; it is a predictable, systemic problem that occurs when there are inadequate resources to do the job you need to do in the time you have to do it. We have all been impacted by this reality, in one form or another, and we can’t yoga or meditate or green smoothie our way out of burnout. Join us as we take a look at what we can do: how to draw on our internal resources, understand who the real enemy is, and grow mighty that we may sustain ourselves for the long haul.

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