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For physicians

Patient referral

To make a referral or a diagnostic order, please select the appropriate option below.

Healthcare professionals may also use Cerner Direct Referrals, if you already have an account. If you would like to create your free account, click the link below, fill out the online form, choose "Sales" from the drop-down menu and in the comments section write "Referrals to University Health." Please note it will take several days for the account to become active. Please call any of the locations with questions:

To make a patient referral, please access the form below. It can be submitted directly from this link, including any additional attachments you may have. Please fill out the form, upload any necessary attachments and then submit. Patients may not complete and submit this form; self-referrals will not be processed.

Refer a patient

Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Referral

To refer a patient for Monoclonal Antibody Infusion, please complete the online referral form to be electronically transferred or download the form to be printed, filled out and faxed to 816.404.2275.

Refer a mAb Patient

Diagnostic testing order

To make a laboratory or radiology testing order, please access the form below. The form will need to be filled out, printed and signed by the physician. Then please fax it to 816.404.1241.

Download form

Cerner Direct Referrals

Cerner Direct Referrals is a no-cost, secure referral tool that enables electronic transfer of key clinical information and allows for referral tracking in a closed loop process. This tool serves as a replacement for less-secure fax, phone and paper referrals. All medical and administrative staff may utilize this system, free-of-charge.

Rheumatology Referral Form

To refer a patient to the Rheumatology Early Referral Program, please download the form below. The form will need to be printed, filled out and faxed to 816.404.9492. Please allow one-three business days for the clinic to receive and review the referral.

Download Form

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