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CHS&I Community Response to COVID-19

Flu/COVID-19 education

The CHS&I team created preventative education specific for the community partners. Our educational materials are delivered weekly to each community partner for dissemination amongst their community. Since the beginning of October, we disseminated both 'Did You Knows' and educational materials to over 70 community partners, serving thousands of KC residents.

  • Vaccine clinics
  • Vaccine screening

COVID-19 + Flu

COVID-19 + Flu - Symptoms

COVID-19 + Flu - Tip of the Day

COVID-19 + Flu - Did You Know

COVID-19 Basics

Importance of Covering your Face

Wash Hands Properly

Social Distancing Visual

Coronavirus High Risk Population

COVID-19 Nutrition

COVID-19 + Vitamin C

COVID-19 + Vitamin A