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Compassionate, experienced care. That’s what you’ll get from the neurosurgery team at University Health.

Our staff includes a neurosurgeon, a nurse practitioner and a nurse clinician, all of whom have the experience and training needed to help you with a wide range of problems that affect the head, neck, spine and nerves.

Our approach to neurosurgery care

When you come to our office for a consultation you can expect us to listen. We want to really understand your symptoms, your concerns and your goals.

You should know that even though we are experts in neurosurgery, the first thing we'll try to do is to find a way to help you without surgery. So, if possible, we'll make a referral to another specialty service, such as physical therapy or our Pain Management Center.

If surgery is the best option, the neurosurgeon will explain why and go over what the recommended procedure involves.

Conditions we treat

Our neurosurgical team is highly skilled at treating complicated spinal, nerve and brain issues including:

  • Brain tumors.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Pinched nerves.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Peripheral nerve issues.
  • Pituitary disorders.
  • Brain hemorrhages and subdural hematomas.
  • Traumatic injuries.

When you’re treated at our neurosurgery clinic, we strive to provide the best possible outcomes and a return to as normal a life as possible.

Learn more about our neurosurgery services

Most patients require a referral to be seen by our neurosurgery team.

For more information, please call 816.404.0099.