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At University Health, we work hard to help you get the medications you need at a cost you can afford.

Whether you're filling a new prescription or picking up a refill, here are some of the ways we can help:

  • If you can't afford your medicines, we may be able to connect you with programs that help pay for the cost of your medicines. It's one of many ways that we live our mission to provide exceptional care without exception.
  • We are part of the same healthcare system as your University Health provider. This allows us to quickly resolve any issues with your medicines.
  • Our pharmacy services are close by our clinics and our hospitals. So it's easy to pick up your medicines on your way home from seeing one of our doctors.
  • We will double-check your prescription for drug interactions that could be harmful to you. If another medicine would work better for you, we will recommend it.

Like your doctors, our highly trained pharmacists are experts in your medications. We can help you understand them. If you have any questions about a medicine, feel free to ask us.

Retail pharmacies

Medication Assistance Program pharmacies

No one should have to choose between medicines or food. That's why University Health Truman Medical Center and University Health Lakewood Medical Center are home to our Medication Assistance Program service pharmacies.

You can get free prescription medicines from these pharmacies if you qualify.

You may qualify to use the Medication Assistance Program pharmacies if you:

  • Live in Jackson County.
  • Have income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • Are uninsured.
  • Have prescriptions from a University Health provider.

To learn more, please call one of these phone numbers:

  • Financial counseling at 816.404.4862.
  • The Medication Assistance Program coordinator on the University Health Truman Medical Center campus at 816.404.4204.
  • The Medication Assistance Program coordinator at University Health Lakewood Medical Center at 816.404.9033.