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Top Surgery

Deciding to have top surgery is a gender-affirming moment for those who make the choice. University Health is pleased to offer this surgery to help people who want their body to match their true inner self.

Carol Ann Aylward, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon recognized for her vast experience working with transgender and nonbinary people to help them assess their goals and give them the gender confirmation surgery they desire. Known in Kansas City and throughout the country as one of the leading experts in this field, Dr. Aylward is acclaimed not only for her technical expertise but also for her personal approach in assisting patients. The level of individual consideration, respect and support Dr. Aylward gives to those considering top surgery helps one to live more comfortably, improving their psychological and social functioning; and can be a life-changing part of their transition.

Male-to-female top surgery

Males transitioning to female breasts will start with an estrogen hormone treatment. This treatment often results in some breast tissue growth, but the results vary. A more predictable way to get the results you desire is through breast augmentation with implants. Learn more about breast augmentation.

Female-to-male top surgery

Most patients with smaller breasts can have the entire transgender breast surgery performed by having a small amount of skin removed. Known as a periareolar mastopexy, a mastectomy is performed around the outer edge of the skin and is closed around the areola.

  • Double incision top surgery. Breast tissue is removed, and liposuction complements a final contour of the chest. Double incision is an outpatient surgery using general anesthesia and lasts only a few hours.
  • Inverted T/T-anchor top surgery. Inverted T is an outpatient surgery similar to double incision but with techniques to retain more sensation in the areola.
  • Periareolar top surgery. In this outpatient surgery, a small amount of skin around the areola is removed. Liposuction helps with final contours.
  • Keyhole top surgery. An outpatient surgery lasting about two hours, keyhole top surgery removes breast tissue through a small incision at the bottom of the areola. Techniques are used to maintain nerve sensation in the areola and nipple.

Learn more about top surgery

To schedule a consultation or receive educational information about top surgery, call 816.876.2919 or complete and submit this short form.