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Breast Center

Breast care should be a part of every woman's life. Whether you need a routine mammogram, a diagnostic test to check a suspicious lump, genetic counseling or treatment for breast cancer, our team is here for you.

The breast care team

University Health has assembled a team of healthcare providers from a number of different specialty areas who are passionate about providing women with the highest level of breast care. They include:

  • Breast radiologists.
  • Breast surgeons.
  • Oncologists.
  • Nurse practitioners.
  • Genetic counselors.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons.
  • A nurse navigator who will answer your questions and coordinate your care.

This multidisciplinary team can provide you with comprehensive breast care for any need that arises.

Our breast care services

University Health's comprehensive breast care program includes a wide range of services and tests, such as:

  • Mammography. This test can be performed to screen for cancer or to help with a cancer diagnosis. Our services include both digital 3-D mammograms and traditional mammograms. Missouri women who meet age, income and insurance guidelines can get free mammograms and Pap tests through the Show Me Healthy Women program. To find out if you qualify, call 573.522.2845.
  • Clinical breast evaluations by a nurse practitioner.
  • Breast ultrasound, which is one way to evaluate breast symptoms or abnormal mammogram results.
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This test can be performed to screen women who are at high risk for breast cancer. MRI can also help diagnose breast cancer or evaluate treatment results.
  • Breast biopsy. This test is performed to confirm or rule out cancer.

High-risk breast clinic. We offer personalized assessments and genetic testing and counseling to help you understand your breast cancer risk and, if necessary, take action to reduce that risk.

Breast cancer care. If you are on a breast cancer journey, you can count on the team at University Health to provide the highest standard of care. You can also count on us to genuinely care about you as a person and to give you the support you need.

Many of our breast cancer services are available through the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Center at University Health, which is nationally accredited by the Commission on Cancer.

Our breast cancer services include:

  • All forms of breast cancer surgery.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Breast reconstruction surgery, including immediate reconstruction surgery by our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment for breast care, please call:

  • University Health Medical Imaging Independence in Independence, Missouri: 816.876.2900.
  • University Health Medical Imaging UH1 in Kansas City, Missouri: 816.404.0690.
  • University Health Women's Care Breast Health Center in Kansas City, Missouri: 816.404.7830.