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Wound Care

Most wounds heal on their own. But others require special care. University Health is here to help.

Wound care specialists

Your wound may be caused by infection, trauma or surgery. Maybe it's influenced by diabetes, poor circulation or other health concerns. No matter what factors are at play, wounds that fail to heal can diminish your quality of life. They can lead to other medical problems too. So, we have one goal: to help heal your wound and get you back to the activities you love.

At University Health, we have a variety of wound-care experts, including certified wound-care specialists. Our care team includes nurses and nurse practitioners who focus on wound care, as well as neurologists, vascular and thoracic surgeons, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, physical therapists, and pain-management specialists.

These people work in a variety of departments at University Health Lakewood Medical Center and in our wound care clinic at University Health Truman Medical Center. But no matter where you receive care, you can expect individualized attention. We go the extra mile to meet your unique needs and educate you about your condition. Our patients are empowered.

Care for your wound

We understand that a wound is part of your overall health. So, our wound specialists look at the total picture and make smart choices with your care team.

Depending on your condition, you may have different treatment options. Many patients get dressing changes, compression wraps and debridement. These often help get tissues moving in the right direction. But there are other possibilities too. We also offer technologically advanced dressings. Some people need skin substitutes to protect diabetic wounds and venous ulcers. In other cases, surgery may be needed to help a wound heal.

Our wound specialists also treat progressive skin and bone infections, perform vascular testing and provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care. No matter your need, we're able to get you the care, medication or treatment you need.

Because of the nature of wound care, we see most patients at least twice a week. This lets us build strong relationships with the people we serve and their families. We are truly partners in your care.

Learn more about our wound care services

You need a referral for wound care at University Health. Your healthcare provider can call us at 816.404.0099 to determine the service and location that works best for you.

We are dedicated to seeing new patients as soon as possible. We don't want you to wait, and we look forward to helping you heal.