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University Health Talks

We invite you to join us for an exciting virtual event.

As much as we have all learned about COVID, there are experts out there who've taken deep dives into areas and can kick our knowledge up to the next level. University Health, with its focus on "brightest minds and biggest hearts," is bringing some of the brightest minds and most engaging speakers directly to you with University Health Talks, a virtual learning experience. Want to learn about a potential COVID vaccine, and how past vaccines can help guide our thinking? How the COVID pandemic has changed how we view health equity? How about the latest information and updates on Medicaid Expansion, or how COVID will change the healthcare industry moving forward?

As COVID prevented this year's Annual Board Retreat, University Health Talks is a four-part series designed to take its place in educating, enlightening, and provoking thought for all who take part.

Part 1: Development and Implementation of a COVID Vaccine

Registration deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Register now for the November 12th University Health Talks.