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A decade of delivering joy

In the last edition of Vital KC, we shouted congrats to the Lakewood Family Birthplace for its 10th anniversary and asked moms to share their experiences. Here’s what reader Supavan Brown said:

“I had the pleasure of delivering the last of my three children at the Lakewood Birthplace. It was a wonderful experience. We chose to do a VBAC and were higher risk. I appreciated that my physician was willing to collaborate with me on a birth plan that respected my wishes for a natural delivery while also keeping safety at the forefront. The labor and delivery staff were kind, positive and responsive to our needs and I have not seen anything that compares to the facilities at Lakewood. It has a homey feel that allowed all of us (our little guy, me and my husband) to have quality bonding time after delivery. I could not have asked for a better birthing experience. Happy 10 years Lakewood Birthplace!”