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Put your (clean) hands together for these healthcare heroes

Global Handwashing Day typically doesn’t getting written on many calendars. But these aren’t typical times.

For the past 18+ months, stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus has been a global priority. Susanna Paschal, RN, Corporate Director of Infection Prevention, says even though many of us are vaccinated against the virus, is it still important to keep washing your hands. “Proper handwashing helps reduce the spread of infection and disease. Simply put, it helps stop the spread of germs,” said Paschal.

As we head into flu season, Paschal and her team want to remind you to wash your hands:

Before you eat

After you use the washroom

Anytime your hands are soiled

Before and after preparing food

And before (because if you already have germs on your hands, putting them near your face could cause infection) and after blowing your nose.