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Meet Your Internship Supervisors

Ashlee Jones, PsyD, Training Director

Dr. Ashlee Jones, PsyD,Dr. Jones primarily works with children, adolescents and families as an outpatient psychologist, where she provides evidence-based treatments. She is a licensed psychologist and health service provider in the state of Missouri. She has extensive experience providing individual therapy, family therapy and psychological assessments. Dr. Jones provides psychological testing, specifically with diagnostic clarification for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has participated in ECHO Autism, ECHO Autism Center Engagement and ECHO Rubi. She provides parent training for families with a child diagnosed with Autism utilizing Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior: The RUBI Autism Network, Clinician Manual. She has extensive experience providing didactic presentations on Autism, therapy with children and psychological testing. Additionally, Dr. Jones has provided supervision of masters-level and doctoral-level interns. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, APA Division 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology) and APA Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology).

Eric Shult, PhD

Dr. Shult received his doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Memphis and his undergraduate degree from Humboldt State University. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of Missouri. After completing his postdoctoral residency at University Health in 2013, Dr. Shult became a psychologist at University Health Behavioral Health inpatient units. He has extensive experience treating chronic mood, anxiety and personality issues in both outpatient and inpatient settings. He has extensive experience providing didactic presentations on multiculturalism and suicide prevention, and previously has been an adjunct professor at Avila University in Kansas City, MO. Additionally, Dr. Shult has extensive experience training and providing supervision of masters-level and doctoral-level interns.

Shawn McDaniel, PsyD

Shawn McDanielDr. McDaniel has experience working in psychiatric hospitals that have included child, adolescent and adult patients, as well as specialized facilities for older adult acute patients. This also includes experience collaborating with other hospital departments to address various healthcare issues, such as reducing assaults, managing patient and visitor issues, and furthering integrated healthcare opportunities in various medical inpatient areas and outpatient care clinics. He also has supervised practicum students, doctoral interns and residents during inpatient rotations. His primary areas of expertise are assessment and diagnosis, and he has been either full-time or adjunct faculty at five different colleges and universities, currently maintaining an adjunct position as an assessment instructor for a doctoral program. Through his private practices, he has provided numerous civil forensic consultations and was added to the panel of experts by the federal criminal court system. His additional criminal justice education and past experience as a firefighter and soldier also aid in his collaboration with first responders and veterans mental health issues.

Abbey Gripka, PhD

Abby Gripka PHDDr. Gripka is a Missouri and Kansas licensed psychologist. She is the primary supervising psychologist for the adult outpatient internship rotation. She completed her doctoral training at The University of Kansas in counseling psychology. Dr. Gripka has extensive training and expertise in assessment and treatment of PTSD and trauma-related concerns, having completed internship and post-doctoral training with emphasis on PTSD and trauma. Dr. Gripka currently provides outpatient individual and group psychotherapy for treatment of various mental health diagnoses, with emphasis on trauma-informed and evidence-based interventions. Additionally, through The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Athletics Department, Dr. Gripka provides consultative services to coaches and mental health treatment to student athletes. She supervises several masters and doctoral level practicum students, and also teaches a course of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with adjunct in-session supervision to Psychiatry Residents at University Health.

Jennifer Keller-McDaniel, PsyD

Jennifer Keller-McDanielDr. Keller-McDaniel is the Section Chief for Psychology and Senior Director of University Health Behavioral Health. She is a licensed psychologist and health service provider in the state of Missouri. Dr. Keller-McDaniel is a registrant with the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, APA Division 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology), APA Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology), and the Missouri Psychological Association. Dr. Keller-McDaniel previously sat on the board for the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association. Currently she is a member of the board for Newhouse Domestic Violence Shelter.