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Headline Early Detection Saves Lives

Get to know a lactation consultant

Deb Fleury, RN is a Certified Lactation Consultant at University Health Lakewood Medical Center. Fleury started her career as a registered nurse, eventually working at Lakewood Family Birthplace.

A new way to ask how you can help

We've all done it. A friend is struggling to feed an infant. So you ask, 'What can I do?".

Family Plan

Top 3 things men should discuss with their doctors (Ladies, take notes)

A report published last summer by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that women visit their physicians 33% more than men do, and that’s even after the study subtracted any visits involving pregnancy.

The gap widened when looking at doctor visits for annual exams or preventative services. It showed that women attended those appointments 100% more than men.

We see you, survivors!

Celebrating survivors. Inspiring people recently diagnosed. Supporting families. Sunday, June 5 marked the 35th annual National Cancer Survivor Day. We can’t introduce you to all the brave University Health patients who have a cancer diagnosis, but we hope Mr. Milton Henry’s motto is music to your ears.

Celebrating summer with food

Ice cream socials. Family barbeques. Backyard s’mores.

Eating our way through summer is as American as apple pie (pun intended). Warm weather lets us linger outdoors with friends. And really, what’s a party without the potato salad? Here are some easy tips to help keep your backyard BBQ from going to the dogs, quite literally!

Mindfulness Stress Reduction Tips From the Doctor

From inflation to infant formula and Russia to rising gas prices, there's plenty to keep us feeling frazzled. But what could happen if you aimed to silence the 'noise' and focus on the things within your control? That, my friends, is mindfulness.